Website and Journal Policy

Website and Journal Policy

For ease of understanding, the content has been reorganized and divided into headers:

Disclaimer on Research Content

These policies do NOT pertain to the research published on our website. For research-related policies, click here.

Acceptance of Policies

By accessing this website, you consent to the terms outlined in these usage policies. This includes any additional guidelines or information posted on the site or sent to you via email/SMS. Should you disagree, please refrain from using this site.

Modifications to Policies

We reserve the right to update or modify these policies without prior notice. Registered users will be notified of changes via their provided email address. Continued use post-changes signifies acceptance.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content, including text, graphics, videos, and software, might be owned by respective owners and is potentially protected by intellectual property laws. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is prohibited.

Content Usage Restrictions

You are prohibited from copying, distributing, or modifying content without explicit permission or as allowed by these policies.

Reverse Engineering and Content Retrieval

You cannot reverse engineer or systematically retrieve content from the site without our written permission.

Automated Access

Using robots, crawlers, or other automated processes to access or disrupt the site is forbidden, especially if it involves bypassing robot exclusion parameters.

Security Protocols

Unauthorized access or attempts to breach website security will not be tolerated.

Content Guidelines

Posting or distributing illegal, harmful, or inappropriate content is prohibited.


Advertising or solicitation without prior approval is not permitted.

External Links

We are not responsible for the content or availability of external websites linked from our site.

Warranties and Limitations

The website is provided "as is" without warranties. We do not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free service.

Medical and Health Disclaimer

Users should exercise independent judgment in medical or health-related matters. Always verify medical information, especially given rapid advancements in the medical field.

Limitation of Liability

Neither we nor our service providers or licensors are liable for any damages, losses, or issues arising from the use of this website.

Always consult legal professionals when drafting or revising website policies to ensure comprehensive coverage and adherence to local laws and regulations.

User Privacy Policy for IJMRP

1. Public Information:

Certain details provided by users, such as their name, image, designation, affiliation, city, state/province, and country may be displayed on our website and might be accessed by third parties.

2. Confidential Information:

Sensitive personal data including email addresses, phone numbers, residential addresses, banking details, and identity proofs (other than the details listed in the first point) are not publicly disclosed. These details might be employed internally or shared with third parties for specific operational needs, like sending certificates or facilitating communication, but only upon obtaining user consent.

3. ID & Address Proofs:

Identity and address verifications submitted either via our website or email are strictly confined to our organizational perimeter. However, if these proofs are transferred or shared using external platforms, the responsibility for their security rests with the chosen service provider's policy.

4. Website Usage Analytics:

To refine our services and tailor advertising, we collect and analyze data concerning website usage. This includes, but isn't restricted to, browser type, operating system, IP address, device type, screen dimensions, internet connection details, language preferences, and more. It's imperative to understand that this data is aggregated and never used to pinpoint individual users.

5. Non-collected Information:

We deliberately avoid gathering or using details related to users' race, religious beliefs, sexual preferences, or health status.

6. Personal Data Deletion:

Upon user request, we commit to erasing their personal data from our database. However, it's crucial to recognize that information once made public could have been accessed by external entities. In such cases, we aren't accountable for any subsequent circulation or use of that data.

In every step, our primary concern is to respect and protect user privacy.

Website and Journal Guidelines

Usage Terms and Liabilities

Click here to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions associated with the utilization of this website. This section does not pertain to the research featured on our site; refer to the subsequent section for those guidelines.

Content & Materials on this Journal/Website

Click here to review the policies concerning the publication of research and the content hosted on this website/journal.

Ethical Guidelines for Authors

Click here to familiarize yourself with the ethical standards and protocols researchers/authors are expected to uphold when publishing their findings.

Peer Review & Plagiarism Measures

Click here to understand our stance on peer review procedures and how we tackle plagiarism for incoming research articles.

User Privacy Protocols

Click here for insight into our policies concerning users, their activities, and the protection of their data.

Copyright Infringement Procedures

We prioritize all claims pertaining to copyright breaches, prior publications, or patents. Should you encounter any instances of such violations, please alert us through the channels outlined on our contact page Accusers should substantiate their claims with evidence indicating the prior publication, copyright, or patent of the same version. Upon claim receipt, we'll request the author under scrutiny to furnish a clarification, ensuring transparency in our proceedings. Our team reserves the right to ascertain the legitimacy of such claims. If, after careful deliberation, the claim is deemed valid, we will expunge the research/article in question from our entire digital infrastructure.

Supplementary Policies & Terms

Additional terms may be applicable to product or service acquisitions, specific sections or features of this platform, and agreements with institutions with which you might be associated. In case of any discrepancies between these terms and those specified for particular website sections, services, or in institutional agreements, the latter will supersede the concerned website segment, service, or subscribed/licensed product.

Website Usage Policies

The guidelines mentioned here are specific to the utilization of this website. For policies related to research published on our website, please click here.

1. Agreement to Website Policies:

By accessing this website, you're expressing agreement to its policies, which may be augmented or updated periodically. If you disagree, you should abstain from using the website. Registered users will receive updates about changes in policies at their registered email.

2. Content Rights and Intellectual Property:

All content available on this website, be it text, graphics, videos, etc., may be protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this content is prohibited unless explicitly permitted.

3. No Reverse Engineering:

Users are prohibited from attempting to deconstruct, reverse engineer, or derive the website's source code without our explicit permission.

4. No Unauthorized Scraping:

Unless explicitly permitted, you're forbidden from using automated tools like robots or spiders for scraping or extracting content from the website.

5. Unauthorized Access:

Users must not try unauthorized access to any parts of the website or connected systems or networks.

6. Content Restrictions:

Publishing or distributing illegal, abusive, vulgar, or harmful content, or any advertising or promotional material without our approval is strictly prohibited.

7. External Links:

This website may host links to external sites. We aren't responsible for the content, products, or services of those sites, and users are advised to review their policies.

8. No Guarantee:

We make no guarantees that the website will run error-free or uninterrupted, or that it will be free from harmful components like viruses.

9. Disclaimers:

The website and its content are offered "as is." We provide no warranties, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the website's content. All content should be independently verified, especially in matters related to health and medical advice.

10. Liability Limitation:

Under applicable law, neither we nor our service providers will be liable for any damages arising from the use of this website or its content.

Note: Users are encouraged to periodically review these policies to stay informed about any changes. Your continued use of the website means you accept and agree to any changes.