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Join as a Reviewer

RMS, standing for the "Reviewer/Referral Management System," is crafted for reviewers and team members. Designed with reviewers in mind, the RMS program encourages you to refer colleagues, students, neighbors, or friends. For each successful referral leading to a paper's publication, you're rewarded with 300 points equivalent to 300 Rupees are credited to your IJMRP Registered account once you've accumulated adequate points, they're convertible to Publication fee.

IJMRP's Commitment to Research Excellence

Recognized as one of the premier International Engineering Research Journals globally, IJMRP is proud to unveil its RMS initiative. If you're keen on leveraging your knowledge and expertise to foster and champion research in your institution, this is the platform for you. This program is envisioned to underpin innovative engineering research globally.

We're extending an invitation to join our representative network and are on the lookout for potential representatives worldwide.

Membership Options:

  1. IJMRP Reviewer
  2. IJMRP Representative Membership

Enrollment Fee: None.

Eligibility for IJMRP Reviewer Position: Candidates should either:

  • Hold a Ph.D. in a relevant field, or
  • Have completed, or are pursuing, a Master's in a pertinent engineering domain coupled with experience. In essence, experts passionate about the subject matter are welcome to join.

Earning Rewards with IJMRP: As an RMS member, referring someone who subsequently publishes a paper with IJMRP entitles you to a referral fee of 300 Rupees per paper. Just ensure the referee mentions your unique Reviewer ID during the submission process. Upon successful publication, 300 points (equivalent to 300 Rupees) are credited to your IJMRP Registered account. Once you've accumulated adequate points, they're convertible to Publication fee.

Becoming an IJMRP Reviewer:

  1. Visit our official website and opt to become a reviewer by filling out the form.
  2. Post submission, await a notification.
  3. Upon favorable evaluation, we'll forward a confirmation along with login details for the RMS.

Why Join RMS?:

  • Recognition & Rewards: Earn for your referrals and receive certificates from IJMRP.
  • Reputation Boost: Elevate your professional stature and connect with industry stalwarts.
  • Knowledge Enrichment: Stay abreast with cutting-edge literature and research insights.
  • Skill Development: Enhance your critical evaluation capabilities pivotal for research.
  • Career Growth: Ascend in your profession, given that reviewing is a cornerstone in the research domain.

Terms of Engagement:

  1. Referrers must oversee the full publication process of their referee's paper.
  2. Upon successful publication, reward points are credited. Note: 1 point = 5 Rupee.
  3. Accumulate a minimum of 300 points to convert them into Publication fee.

Join us in our endeavor to shape the future of engineering research.

About the IJMRP RMS Program

Elevate your contributions to the global academic community with the IJMRP RMS program, which stands for “Reviewer/Referral Management System.” Dedicated to those involved in the research and academic spheres, the RMS system encourages referrals and reviews from colleagues, students, and friends.

Join hands with IJMRP, a forerunner among international engineering research journals, to augment and stimulate research endeavors in your institution. IJMRP's new initiative, the RMS, is curated to anchor novel research and breakthroughs in global engineering domains.

Opportunities with IJMRP

  • Participate in Our Network: We’re expanding our representative network and are keen on associating with new representatives worldwide.
  • Membership Categories:
  1. IJMRP Reviewer
  2. IJMRP Referral Membership
  • Cost: There is no membership fee.

For prospective applicants, please ensure you submit the necessary documents with your application. Our team will assess your qualifications and inform you of our decision.

Eligibility for IJMRP Reviewership

  • PhD holders in their respective fields.
  • Professionals with a Master’s degree in relevant engineering fields with applicable experience.

Eligible Candidates: Professors, lecturers, current IJMRP reviewers/authors interested in becoming an IJMRP representative.

Steps to Become an IJMRP Reviewer

  1. Complete the RMS membership form (link provided).
  2. Await an email notification from IJMRP.
  3. Post acceptance, receive login credentials for the RMS.

Rewards for IJMRP RMS Members Upon becoming a member, recommending peers, students, or friends for paper publication in IJMRP can earn you a referral bonus of 300 points per paper. Members must share their unique Reviewer ID during submissions. Once the recommended paper is successfully published, the reward points get credited to your RMS account.

Benefits of RMS Membership

  1. Recognition and rewards for your contributions.
  2. An official certificate from IJMRP.
  3. Enhanced professional visibility and networking.
  4. Access to pioneering research and scholarly insights.
  5. Skill enhancement, especially in critical research evaluation.
  6. Career progression as reviewing is vital in research domains.

Terms of Engagement

  1. Referees must ensure the completion of the publication process by their referred peers.
  2. Rewards are credited post successful publication. One reward point equates to one rupee.
  3. Accumulate 300 points for a successful paper referral.
  4. Redeemable points appear as credit in RMS accounts, and redemption is possible post an accumulation of over 1500 points (equivalent to Publication Fee)

Join us in this endeavor to champion research and innovation in the global academic community...!!