Conference Proceedings

The Conference will produce comprehensive conference proceedings that document the research findings, presentations, and discussions held during the event. These proceedings serve as a valuable resource for participants and the broader academic community.

Publication of Papers:

Authors of accepted papers will have the opportunity to include their work in the conference proceedings. All papers will undergo a thorough peer-review process to ensure quality and academic rigor. Accepted papers will be published with proper citation information.

Online Accessibility:

The conference proceedings will be made available online through our conference website and other relevant platforms. This accessibility ensures that researchers, scholars, and practitioners from around the world can access and benefit from the knowledge shared at the conference.

Indexing and DOI Assignment:

To enhance the visibility and impact of the conference proceedings, we plan to index them in relevant academic databases. Each paper will also be assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) soft copy for easy and permanent citation.

Digital Copies:

Digital version, e-copies of the conference proceedings may be made available for purchase or as part of registration packages for those who prefer e-copies.

Copyright and Licensing:

Authors by submitting their papers to the conference proceedings, grant the IJMRP an exclusive right to publish and distribute the papers in IJMRP and other Channel Partners.

Citation Format:

Authors are encouraged to follow the citation format specified by the IJMRP for conference proceedings guidelines to ensure consistency in referencing their work.


We express our gratitude to all the authors, reviewers, and contributors who make the publication of these conference proceedings possible. Their dedication to advancing knowledge and sharing their research is highly appreciated.

For detailed information about paper submission, formatting guidelines, and the publication timeline, please refer to the IJMRP Guidelines.