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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR MULTIDIMENSIONAL RESEARCH PERSPECTIVE (IJMRP) Managed by Chandigarh Philosophers regards the submission of conference papers with utmost importance. We offer a platform for conferences from diverse disciplines and communities to publish their presented or to-be-presented articles collectively. IJMRP is dedicated to ensuring a seamless publishing experience. "IJMRP aims to create a platform where professionals and educators in various fields, including engineering, can collaborate to share original research, best practices, and innovative concepts. Research articles meeting the criteria of significance, originality, quality, relevance, and other editorial standards will be considered for publication in IJMRP, ensuring a commitment to plagiarism-free content."

Benefits with IJMRP for Conference

Why Choose IJMRP for Your Conference Publications?

  • Featured Special Issue Section on the Main Page of IJMRP Website.
  • The integration of myconference.cloud with www.chandigarphilosophers.comis a seamless process that will enhance the functionality of your Process, providing visitors with easy access to conference-related information and services.
  • Dedicated Webpage for the Special Issue, showcasing all relevant details.
  • Complimentary DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for the Issue.
  • Endless access to the digital versions of the articles on our platform.
  • Digital Certificate of Publication for all contributing participants. IJMRP Started “Go Green Initiative “by providing the e-Confirmation letter and e-Certificate of Publication to each author for the publication of the paper.
  • IJMRP has Highly Secure SSL Certificate Based website chandigarhphilosophers.com
  • Prestigious Reviewers from Well-known Institutes/Universities among the world.
  • Global Exposure and Recognition.
  • Cost-effective Publication Rates.(Exclusive package for Conference Paper)
  • Meta Level Programming in order to make your paper SEO effective and Automated Citation


  • Catering to a Broad Spectrum of Disciplines.
  • Listed on Renowned Research Indexing Platforms.
  • Priority Support and Expedited Publishing Process.
  • Flexibility in Terms of Page Count, Number of Contributors, and File Size.