Publication Charges

Since IJMRP operates on an entirely open-access model without receiving financial support from any individual or organization, our operations rely on the fees charged to authors and researchers who wish to publish with us. Below are specifics concerning the associated costs and payment procedures.


The fees listed below are all-inclusive, covering all applicable taxes, with no additional or undisclosed charges.

Publication Fee Structure:

For Indian Authors:

₹ 1500 for research papers with 1 to 3 Authors/Researchers.

An additional ₹ 500 for every subsequent Author/Researcher in the paper.

For International Authors (Outside India):

US $ 60 for papers with 1 to 3 Authors/Researchers.

An extra US $ 10 for each subsequent Author/Researcher in the paper.

Cost of Publication Covers:

  • Formatting and editing of the research material provided.
  • Guaranteed online publication of the research paper, irrespective of its length or digital file size.
  • Electronic certificate of publication (e-certificate).
  • Presentation of the study to multiple indexing platforms.
  • Costs associated with administrative tasks.
  • Comprehensive assistance throughout the publication journey via different communication channels.

A Digital Object Identifier:

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) serves as a persistent, unique identifier for objects, particularly useful for electronic content such as scholarly articles. The International DOI Foundation oversees the system, which was introduced in 2000.

Contrary to what one might assume, "DOI" stands for "digital identifier of an object" rather than referencing the identification of a purely digital object.

Key characteristics of a DOI include:

Metadata Storage: Information about the associated object is stored with its DOI name. This data can even include a URL pointing to the object's location.

Stability: Even if the location or other details about a document change, its DOI remains constant. This stability offers an advantage over mere URL referencing. If there's a URL change, the metadata linked to the DOI can be updated to reflect the new URL, ensuring the DOI always redirects to the correct location.

Distinctiveness: Unlike traditional identifier registries, like those for journal research papers, the DOI system focuses not just on managing identifiers but making them actionable and interoperable.

Organizations meeting the International DOI Foundation's requirements and willing to bear the associated costs can issue DOIs. The foundation coordinates the system via a federation of registration agencies. Since its inception in 2000, the DOI system's use has grown exponentially. By the end of April 2011, approximately 50 million DOIs had been dispensed by around 4,000 organizations. This number surged to 85 million by April 2013, issued by nearly 9,500 organizations. While the DOI system employs the Handle System, it remains an independent entity.

Cost of CrossRef DOI for the paper:

The DOI aids in verifying and pinpointing your Research Paper, making it an invaluable tool for identification.

The fee for acquiring a DOI is 500 INR.


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