Publication Integrity

Publication Integrity & Ethics for IJMRP Contributors

At IJMRP, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics. Our principles align closely with the guidelines set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (CoPE). Authors who wish to publish with us are required to adhere to the following criteria:

Originality: The submitted work must be original, with plagiarism levels maintained below 20%.

Exclusivity: The content should not be previously published nor should it be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Language Quality: Ensure that the content is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Ethical Research Practices: Any research must be executed ethically, adhering to all relevant legislation.

Transparent Presentation: Present your findings transparently, steering clear from data fabrication, falsification, or inappropriate data manipulation.

Reproducibility: Describe your methods with clarity to allow replication of your results by peers.

Accuracy & Consistency: Content should be precise, consistent, and unbiased.

Content Integrity: Avoid misleading, offensive, illegal, or harmful content. It shouldn’t promote electronic malware or any form of destructive intent.

Acknowledgment: Ensure proper attribution to original works if you reference their data, designs, methods, or ideas.

Adherence to Copyright Laws: Reproduce copyrighted content only with the requisite permissions and proper acknowledgment.

Collaboration Disclosure: For multi-authored submissions, clarify each author's contributions to the study.

Disclosure of Support: Detail all sources of research backing, be it financial, equipment, materials, or any other type of assistance.

Respect Privacy: Refrain from publishing identifiable personal details without the person's explicit consent.

A comprehensive guide is available at CoPE’s International Standards for Authors.

Authors are mandated to follow these stipulations. However, if deviations are detected during review, or post-publication, the implicated article may be retracted from IJMRP.